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Digitizing Drive thru for you

When we hear Drive thru we image the age old method where a customer pulls up to a window to order and then drives down to the next one to pick it up. Well, this too is a passé! Today a drive thru has a new definition.

We dwell in times where social distancing is the need of the hour, no wonder restaurant owners are researching models like Drive thru, Self delivery, Self Pick up, Take away, etc… Fudr helps restaurants transit towards these models seamlessly. What traditionally seemed like a heavy infrastructure requiring Drive thru model has now been reduced to a simple seamless digital process.

All you need is a board with your restaurants QR code, big enough for several people to be able to scan it at once. A client scans this using his/her phone from the comfort of their car. This directs them to your restaurant’s digital menu where they place their order, make payment and select the mode of delivery, drive thru in this case and enter their vehicle’s details.

A few minutes later the order is delivered to their car, thus ensuring minimum human contact and ordering simplified all in one.

As per an article in the Economic Times, “as the industry ponders the uncertainties of the future where cosy dinners and large celebrations have both faded away, at least for now, contactless is the buzzword for the times contactless delivery of groceries, food and essential, and now dining too.”

Another added benefit of this being one can right size their staff, for all orders are now online. You won’t need those customers waiting at the ordering window where someone will be taking the orders or an attendant on the next to deliver! Thus not just reducing human contact but also enabling the functioning efficiently.

Fudr’s been in the market for over a year now, (with tens of thousands of orders under our belt already) helping eateries not just with their orders but also those million dollar smiles their satiated customers bear. So, come aboard and see for yourself, it’s got all you need to have a seamless ordering and delivery system.


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