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DIY Meal kits a trend or phenomena?

What’s the most interesting thing you noticed during the lockdown days? Team Fudr, witnessed that people have started cooking at home. Fudr being a restaurant assistance tool, the team thought of sharing it with you.

To en-cash this trend that “people are enjoying cooking”, several restaurant chains across the globe have started this new thing called “DIY kits”, along with using delivery as a new way to push those sales.

Witnessing the month-on-month 100% growth other restaurants have started considering it. As the Government slowly opens the lockdowns, which will take a while for people to get used to and even once all restrictions are lifted with the new norms, the restaurants won’t be able to function at more than 30-40% capacity.

A DIY kit consists of nicely packed ingredients that a patron assembles in his/her own kitchen. For instance a coffee joint will share its beans along with a sachet containing sugar and whitener. Along with an instructions letter that guides the patron brew that perfect cup.

So, why not give it a shot! As Self Pick Up, Self Delivery, Drive Thru have already proved their mettle, DIY kits are coming up as the next big thing. These pillars will be holding up those revenue pipe lines until the world gets back to 100% capacity.


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