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Reinvent and Resume your Restaurant with Fudr today!

With over 50 food brands live during these testing times. Are you live yet? If not, get on board the Fudr express! Fudr is an eatery assist platform that helps you create an online menu that you can share with your customers to keep the kitchens running amidst these Covid -19 days.

All this just through a few clicks, that too your client’s! We call it “seamless ordering”! Experience it, as we’re sure you got the hygiene factor covered, you’ve been running your eateries for quite a long time now. We assist your clients to place their orders, which you receive along with a payment confirmation. Whip it, pack it and the clients pick it up “themselves”! Thus minimum human contact!

For Sameer of team Half Light, one of the food labels Fudr’s assisting during these restricted times,

We can now work with minimum staff as Fudr has taken the role of taking order on our behalf. Pre-paid orders also make us feel secure about getting orders cancelled. Self pick up option for a coffee shop like us is very convenient for the guests. - Sameer, team Half Light Coffee Roaster

We are, for you are! Helping people satiate their taste buds. You as “an Eatery owner”, we as “a platform” that assists you do this online! For today times are new! Times where people are conscious of hygiene, cleanliness and why are so many people touching my food!

It’s great that I have another medium to reach out to my clients. These last few months have been testing for all. But we’re glad to be safe and working again. - Palak, team Chocolatida

Equipped with numerous benefits such as, your clients don’t need to download any app. Also Fudr is equipped with multiple order type support (Dine-in, Self Pickup, Self Service, Drive thru). The application also comes with restaurant specific Loyalty & Offers along with over a 100 payment options available for your guests. The assistance application provides digital waiter assistance which is request for water, bill etc. While staff right sizing will be seamless process with Fudr.

Fudr has been a great help as customers can order from the comforts of their home and can be updated about the progress of their order. We’re very pleasant as this platform is user friendly both for customers and management. Team has been very responsive to cater for our needs and have helped in making our product sell better. - Neeraj, team Curious Life Coffee Roasters

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