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It's time to Resume!

The world will be soon backing normal. We can already see momentum on the roads and in the few businesses around town. So you aren’t far behind. Although, there are a few things an eatery owner needs to keep in mind before going live again.

Re-arrange Sitting – in dine area, keeping social distancing norm in mind

Social Distancing is the new normal and we have to keep it in mind. So, every eatery will need to space out their sitting are in a way that each and every table bares an acceptable distance from another. No more bumping elbows with other table’s occupants.

Social distancing norm to be maintained in Kitchen

It’s not just the customers you need to convince you’re post Covid ready, but also your staff. Every eatery will be expected to maintain this social distancing even in the kitchens. i.e food pursers can’t be entering the kitchen while the kitchen also needs to re-done (not asking you to make a new one just rearrange the one you already have) in a way that each and every chef you employ has a spaced out workspace.

Re-engineer your Menu – make it small and reevaluate price of dishes

Keep it simple just place your specialty items on the menu. Your guests love your food so place the best sellers on these new menus. This will make it easier for you as your staff now will be preparing a limited number of dishes. Re calculate your prices and its okay if you raise it by a little, your clients know what going on so they won’t mind a slight (remember to keep it slight though) price hike.

Digital menu & online payment – for minimum human contact

Printed menus, telling a waiter what you want and then paying the bill. Well it’s passé’. As now people prefer online ordering and payments as it ensures they have minimum human contact. An attendant walking around to gather orders is the last thing a cautious client needs.

Follow Basic Hygiene & Safety Norms

We say take it a notch further by making sure your eatery is thoroughly cleaned every 2 hrs including the tables, chairs, toilets. Ensure your staff is using masks and gloves at all times. Check the temperature of your staff and your customers it’s better to be safe than sorry. Spend a little plant a few trees or put up a few potted plants for we need clean air by the way a air purifier is a good investment too. Most importantly ongoing training for staff in accordance to the government’s health standards is very important.

DIY meal kits, Take away, Drive-thru & Self delivery will trump

It’s very clear all an eatery owner needs are clients who adore and love spending hours availing their dine-in facility. But mentally prepare yourself as it will be not so for a while. This is the time when those Drive thru, take away, DIY meal kits (those pizza boxes with chilly flakes, oregano or the gol gappa boxes which come with the water, masala and the liquid in packets. The client makes it themselves thus they are called DIY boxes) will flourish.

The bottom line is the world will get back to normal but it will take some time. So don’t lose heart just re arrange your current operation plans and you can keep catering your clients even amidst these alien times.

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