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Restarting with a panache

Hotels hit it big time too, courtesy the lockdown that followed this global catastrophe called COVID. As the government has started re-opening the economic and social restrictions hotels around the country are gearing up to get those doors open.

Keeping freshly added caution instating restrictions in mind as opening up is tough too. You are facing scarcity of staff, plus the new norms of social distancing, reducing human contact and online ordering. Fudr helps you manage all this seamlessly!

Re-instate your operations with a touch of luxury, as you welcome your guests to a world where everything is online. From booking the hotel to checking in! Once there, they can book all the services of the hotel on their phone too, reducing the need for a chaperon on every floor. A menu in the theme of your hotel to tell your guests about everything you offer on their phones.

Be it ordering their meals in your hotels restaurant or grabbing a drink at the bar they pay for it using one of the many payment apps they have or you add it to their room charge. And all you need to have this automated seamless guest experience in this new world is Fudr!

Fudr is a tool that helps you take your properties experience online. An online brochure where your guests book the services they like using their phone.

Since the process of ordering is digitized the guests can even order from the comfort of their room, balcony, bed, or even the bathroom. As they feel the hotel’s continuing theme even while they order, ensuring continues association with the guest.

Fudr assists with just this, adding an extension to your current service. By starting your hotels’ restaurants with a contactless ordering and payment, your patrons enjoy stress free at the comforts of their homes. Using those self pickup and delivery models, while you manage those dine in guests with ease keeping the new norms of lower capacity and minimum human association in mind as you use an online menu. Reducing staff involvement!

Have your own personalized offers and loyalty programs and mange them with just a few clicks on your computer. Be it those happy hours, or loyalty discounts or those plain old discount codes. Have it all!

Several big brands like Accor and Hilton have already started Take away and self delivery thus proving even hotels will be adopting these models to keep up with the changing times by just adding an extension to their current service.


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