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Self Delivery for the old is new again!

Welcome to the second round of 2020. A world which is quite like a boxing match and just like in a boxing match, players with both stamina and agility will hold the title. 2020 has been really interesting for it has shown us times, we humans could have not imagined. We heard cries of fire, war and then a pandemic, things that changed the game completely.

But now things seem to be moving, slowly and steadily the world will come back to normal, maybe a new normal! So how do you keep up as an eatery owner?

Understand the times. Yes, there are less people who choose to eat out now and those who do, prefer doing it at home.

It’s very clear all an eatery owner needs are clients who adore and love spending hours availing their dine-in facility. But mentally prepare yourself as it will be not so for a while. This is the time when Self Pick Up and Self Delivery will flourish.

We’re not asking you to break off your ties with those delivering platforms you’ve been using but just asking you start that Self Delivery thing too! Add a small amount as delivery charges, for your clients trust you, not a random delivery provider. The idea is to be “atma-nirbhar” self sufficient. The less people you involve the more your clients trust you.

It’s called keeping up with the times. Self delivery is not something new it has been present since eateries came up. If you haven’t tried it yet come on give Self delivery a shot. After all it’s just Round two, plenty more surprises await us! Just roll up your sleeves and create your own delivery network!

All your clients need to do is click the link of your online menu which you will be sharing using social media, messages, Google My Business listings or just by scanning your QR Code you place on a board outside your eatery. This tool helps them order conveniently while you receive a confirmed order which is already paid for.

Fudr is a tool which enables you to develop your own platform to manage those Self Delivery orders keeping yourself in the front seat.

So, let us re-ignite this old flame, called Self Delivery!


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