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Self Pickup, the new Era?

Covid has made us very conscious of who handles and touches our food. Post lockdown most of us would be wary of eating out keeping in mind social distancing and hygiene. Thus making traditional ways like, printed menu-cards, in-person ordering, both cash and card transactions, obsolete.

A time where take away trumps eating out. Fudr helps you adapt and upgrade your customers’ experience towards this transition seamlessly.

As we avoid crowded areas and maintain social distancing the idea of eating out is defeated, for people will prefer eating your specials at home or in their safe silos. So how will restaurant or café owners keep up?

Just like back in the day, when you called your favourite restaurant and asked to keep you order ready as you left from work. In today’s world that phone call is substituted by a few taps on your smart phone for online ordering without the need of downloading any app is what time dictates.

How Self Pickup works ?

  • Share your menu link on social media page and get orders

  • Prepare the food while your guest reach at the restaurant.

  • Validate the guest and handover the food.

Get aboard to welcome these guests with your personalised online menus that can be shared using your cell phone. Thus ensuring you don’t miss out a food craving out there. Online ordering just doesn’t get your restaurant/café visibility during these trying times but also helps you get a few extra benefits.

  • Enhance your guests’ experience

  • Since you know who the user is he/she is still en-cashing those loyalty benefits you’ve been offering for so long.

  • Plus in the world of online ordering payments are made in advance hence ensuring no more revenue leakage while reducing waiting time for following customers.

  • The walk-ins show their order confirmation message and collect the boxed goodies they go home to their families with.

Self pick-up just doesn’t mean keeping up with the current times but also means you save on those operational expenses.

As staff scarcity trends Fudr helps you manage your orders comfortably even when you are short on staff as orders are placed online while the customers are picking it up themselves.

Increase the accuracy of orders as the chances of error or cancellations are low.

The icing being it helps you reduce human contact with the food which is the need of the hour.

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