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The Rising Trend of #OrderDirect and the Need of it

We live in the era of online food ordering, three taps and your favourite food from your favourite restaurant is delivered to your doorstep within minutes. But do you know about the dark reality of these online food delivering platforms?

From the launch of these online food delivery platforms to their rise we bet you must have seen it all and hence would be as aware as we are about their dominance in the f&b world. While there is absolutely no denying that these online delivery platforms have really helped the restaurants reach their customers, on the contrary these platforms have over the years also been exploiting restaurants by charging hefty fees. Hence, restaurants now are turning smart by choosing to invest in the right technology and break free from the dependency of such third parties to become self sufficient. Helping such restaurants is Fudr with its high tech solutions.

#OrderDirect With Fudr

Fudr was solemnly launched with an aim to empower the f&b industry. With the many digital solutions that Fudr has to offer, one of its key offerings to the restaurants has since the very beginning been its “Direct Ordering” channel which enables the restaurant to receive orders for take-aways & self delivery. In the span of a year, Fudr’s Direct Ordering vertical has been accepted by numerous restaurants across India. Still wondering why? Listed down below are only a few reason how Fudr's #OrderDirect tool has been helping restaurant and can help your restaurant too:

Save Big Bucks

Believe us when we tell you this, for every order placed by a customer through an online delivering platform, restaurants are forced to pay up to 30% of their revenues to these aggregators. Adoption to the self delivery model does not only reduce the dependency of the restaurants on the third party aggregators but also helps save big on the hefty commissions. Indeed, the Self delivery model is cost efficient.

Data Management

Data management is essential for every business of every sector. With a bunch of its other offerings, Fudr gives a restaurant complete control over its customer data. Through this data not only can you study and analyse the patterns and choices of your customers but also curate personalised offers for them accordingly and enhance their customer experience.

Build Digital Presence:

Living in the times of social media, it is utmost important to hold a strong digital presence. Social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Google and WhatsApp are great tools to market your brand. How? In Simple two simple steps. Create a customised Fudr link of your restaurant and use it on your social media channels to gain traction and boost your digital sales.

Branding Is Must

Self Empowerment is a must but so is self branding. Fudr is a white label solution made to cater all the needs of the f&b industry. Hence, we understand the value of true self branding. Fudr enables a restaurant to create its own unique fudr link and also create its own front face on Fudr by putting the restaurant’s official logo and other details such as social media links, address, contact number and google map link.

Future of #DirectOrder

With the country currently witnessing the wrath of the second wave of coronavirus. Many restaurants are now hopping on to the bandwagon of testing and working on the model of self delivering. For more details you can write to us on


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