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When Self Service trumps being fussed over

Meet Rasiklaal! Rasiklaal is your average Indian (simpleton!) who loved going out for his morning coffee. He liked having a valet park his when he reached his favorite coffee shop. Where the staff smiled the moment they saw him walk in and kept his preferred brew ready.

In came 2020, with what we’re calling Covid -19. Rasiklaal hasn’t been the same ever since! As now he prefers Self Service places. He likes to park his own car, places his own order through FUDR (by just scanning a QR code placed at the restaurant) and picks up his own order. This helps the restaurant and Rasiklaal minimise human touch!

Raskilaal is like all of us, he still likes the same things but he’s a bit more cautious. Well all of us should be! As we are living in times were social distancing is the need of the hour, in comes Fudr! A tool your customers can use to just keep them order coming during these testing times, while also providing you, the eatery owner, ease of use.

The web app helps you right size your staff for all orders are now online, so you won’t be needing those customers waiting at the ordering counter or an accountant to draw up the bills at the billing counter! Thus not just reducing human contact but also enabling the functioning efficiently.

Self Service has benefits that outweigh the negatives with leaps and bounds. We’ve already discussed how the app helps you right size and reduce human contact, self service takes this further as your customer comes in with the mindset. Helping you maintain that personal equation you desired to share with them all along.

With the appless functioning, your orders will be received. When those customers open the link to your online menu, which ensures they order exactly what they want and just the way they want it (Fudr enables the customers to add customisations), they’re directed to the payments page. Meaning they just go show their order ready message and leaving. No more waiting in queues at the ordering or billing counters.

Fudr’s been in the market for over a year now, (having 10000+ orders under our belt already) helping eateries not just with their orders but also those million dollar smiles their satiated customers bear. So, come aboard and see for yourself, it’s got all you need to have a seamless order and delivery system.


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